Our ancestors were granted entry to the ranks of the nobility during the heroic struggle against the Turks and that is symbolised in our family arms. Although they did not occupy themselves with vine growing, they most certainly did not turn their backs on its fermented liquid product, the consumption of which was part of their healthy lifestyle philosophy.

Although, the family's wealth has not passed down to us, their love of wine fortunately has.

I, Mónika Marx (wife, and according to the men of the family, story-teller-in-chief) grew up among the vines of the Marx family. Born one of five siblings, our parents soon put us to work with the hoe and taught us cultivation.



After completing vintnery studies at the University of Horticulture, my husband, István Bozóky, and I met at the State Farm in the settlement of Mór.

How did he get into winemaking? ....


Mór has been associated with winemaking since ancient times. Very soon so were we! Then along came the little Bozóky boys (with the help of the Ezerjó wine which is reputed to produce males).

We applied our 20 years of experience in large scale winemaking to our own hobby-sized vineyard and as the boys grew they joined us in caring for the vines and enjoying the tasks involved. Everyday we would check how much the shoots had grown and how the grapes were filling out and ripening.

It was the compulsory privatisation of the state-owned winery which brought us to the decision in 1992 to turn our winemaking hobby into our own business and source of family income.

Step by careful step we built up our business, first selling just our grapes, then the grape must and the wine in bulk; finally reaching our first bottling in 1996. We continued over the years to plough our income back into the business, planting more vines, introducing modern grape processing equipment and extending our storage capacity, all kept on a family scale.

In the meantime the boys grew up, finished school and joined the family business, bringing youthful impetus, diligence and plenty of new ideas to refresh and reinforce us in achieving our aims. Péter has become a man of seriousness and precision. He plans and controls the processes, seeking certainty and liking predictability. Like his father he doesn't like to take risks and doesn't like turmoil around him.

Zoltán, the opposite of his brother, liked to improvise and to dream. He happily took part in wine judging and wine shows and, like his mother, enjoyed the sparkle of life and events around him. He loved cars and bikes. Unfortunately, on 5th.May 2006, one of the latter got the better of him for a moment and took him from us. Now he watches over us from the wonderful realm of the stars.



We try to share the tasks involved in the running of the business between us according to ability and understanding. My husband, István, is responsible for the cultivation and protection of the vines, although he, naturally, keeps one eye and his expertise focussed on the wine too. (He couldn't resist sampling it occasionally anyway.)

Péter oversees the cellars and directs the processing of the grapes, the production of the wine and the bottling. He is certainly kept busy, but it's the blowing of the wind that strengthens the tree!


 I'm the one who looks after the administration, does the trading and organises the hospitality; as well as interfering in the work of the men.


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