At present our winery holds about 35 hectares of vines spread around the excellent, sunny, south and south-west facing slopes of the Vértes hills on the areas of Csókahegy, Vénhegy, Koronahegy and Árpádhegy at the edge of the town of Mór.

We especially grow the excellent native grape, Ezerjó, though we also produce full-bodied wines of character and a long cellar life from the other well-known varieties common in the area (Leányka, Ottonel Muskotály, Tramini, Olaszrizling).

Alongside our rejuvenated Ezerjó vineyards our new plantings include the world-renowned varieties of Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Our method of cultivation involves careful husbandry and no overburdening of the vines, which serve to produce better and sustainable quality.


We determine the ideal harvesting time for the grapes by regular sampling and attention to their sugar and acid levels. We produce our wines exclusively from the fruit of our own vines.

Our winemaking style is based on the old vintnery traditions, with adjustments to cater for modern demands and customs. In our winery the classical wine making processes are alloyed, and supplemented, with the advantages provided by modern technology. The processing of the grapes, and the fermentation and winemaking processes are controlled in a pre-planned manner.

Rather than mass-produced wines, we instead make quality products in small batches. The range of our production extends from fresh, young, aromatic wines, through late-harvested, dry, semi-dry and semi-sweet wines, to examples of specialist wines.

Perhaps few people are aware that due to the exceptional climactic conditions of the area, Mór is also able to produce aszú grapes, as well as the other special result of an ‘Indian summer', shrivelled grapes. From the grapes harvested from the best lying slopes in the months of November and December we are able to bottle a particularly magical, golden liquid. The remaining unfermented sugar content of these wines (depending on the vintage) is around 160-180g/l. With these sweet dessert wines we are able to keep alive what has been a declining Mór style.

We regularly exhibit our wines at both Hungarian and international wine competitions and festivals, and have been rewarded with some excellent results.

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